What we stand for

I love making and growing things. Garments, gifts, food for my family. While I strive for perfection, I hardly ever achieve it - and that is okay.

I make simple garments out of quality materials. For me, quality is determined by a number of factors but feel of the materials is key. This will influence comfort. Of course, the feel of the fabric, thread, elastic and so on is determined by the fibres used and how these have been treated.

Many fibre growing and production processes seem to involve harsh chemicals. I have put together a collection of fabrics and haberdashery that have been produced with care for the environment and people. 

I am so pleased you are here. I have worked hard to support your sewing prep. I provide you with as much information as possible about our fabrics. The origins of the fibre, the width and weight of the cloth, recommended uses. And I try my best to describe their qualities and colors.

If you are looking for something new to make - I stock Indie pattern makers who spend time writing their instructions thoroughly. For each of the patterns I stock, I have prepared an easy to understand list of supplies you will need. I endeavour to have sustainable options in stock so you can add all these notions to your order. I carry select tools too, like blind zipper feet and snappy scissors. 
Once you receive your order, make sure to pre-wash. While the fabric flaps in the breeze on the line or spins happily in your dryer, read your pattern instructions, check your measurements again, select your size, decide on the alterations, look up any how to videos. Decide whether you make a toile, and then the real fun begins ...

A few words about sustainability. Living sustainably has become an objective for many, which is a welcome change! 

Sustainability is a journey, a very personal one. You can compare yourself to others, but it isn't about that. Be inspired by others but also be prepared to compromise from time to time to make it work for you.

A key thing is to be informed, to understand the options and offerings (because there is a lot of spin out there!).

Organic cotton, linen or hemp are more expensive fibres than regular cotton and most man-made fibres. Your situation matters and should inform your choices. Your values matter too. I value comfort and quality. This determines what I wear against my skin, as my first line of defence against the harsh realities of the world.